Fish Curry

Flavorful, spicy, tangy and absolutely delicious fish curry. Make it lip smacking by adding some PRIYOM fish masala to it.

Mutton Curry

When it comes to special occasions, mutton is a must. Spice up your mutton curry with PRIYOM mutton masala.

Chicken Curry

The naadan chicken curry that makes you feel like heaven on plate. Spice up your chicken curry with PRIYOM masala.

Fish Fry

Delicious, crispy and spicy fish fry. Coat it with a flavorsome PRIYOM masala and fry it in PRIYOM coconut oil.

Chicken Biriyani

Super Delicious Chicken Biryani. Feel the rich taste and authentic flavour of biryani with PRIYOM biryani masala.

Beef Fry

Traditional beef fry. Slow-roast beef with PRIYOM masala, coconut pieces and curry leaves to make it a classic Kerala dish.